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US Glu-Lam has been a glued-laminated beam distributor in the Chicagoland market since our inception in 1989. 

We stock a full line of raw and pressure treated Doug Fir architectural beams to fit your every long-span need. 


LVL offers a stronger, stiffer and more consistent alternative to traditional solid-sawn lumber. 

US Glulam stocks a full line of LVL with depths ranging from 5-1/2" to 24" and widths from 1-3/4" to 5-1/4". 

We have partnered with Pacific Woodtech Corporation to provide you with a superior product line.  All of our LVL

is eased edge DF, 2.0E-3100Fb, wax site-coated.  We stand behind this product as the strongest LVL available. 


US Glulam stocks a full line of LVL flange and Solid Sawn I-Joist to fit any need.

We partner with Pacific Woodtech and EACOM to provide high-performance alternatives to dimensional floor joists and roof rafters.

Our I-Joist series are versatile, consistent and cost-effective: everything that we strive to be for our partners at the retail level.

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Products: I-Joist
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